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Welcome to Rockin Highlands!!!

Welcome to Rockin Highlands!!!

Welcome to Rockin Highlands!!!Welcome to Rockin Highlands!!!Welcome to Rockin Highlands!!!

Registered Scottish Highland Cattle Breeder & Purveyor of Fine Beef & Chicken

Cassie coming our of the woods with her new head dress

About Us

Grass Fed Beef, Environmentally Friendly Rotational Grazing

Located in the driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin, we are working to continue the heritage of a majestic breed of cattle from the rolling hills of ancient Scotland

A distinguished breed of cattle that was a favorite of royalty in the harsh windswept mountains of Scotland and revered for the wonderful flavor and lean tenderness of the meat.

Scottish Highland Calf

Growing from a humble start of 2 bred cows, our fold has now grown to its maximum size of between 40 and 60 cows and calves.

We keep going because it has become our goal to provide high quality, sustainable specialty beef at reasonable prices. 

And not to be a big farm - just an earth friendly one.

Scottish Highland Cattle & Calves on Open Pasture

As members of the American Highland Cattle Association we are committed under the Quality Highland Beef program to not use unnecessary antibiotics or feedlot management practices.

We are now able to offer individual cuts and bulk packages of beef raised on pastures, forage, and small amounts of distillers grain and soy hulls at finishing. 

We never use any growth hormones or antibiotic feed additives for the cattle, chickens, or ducks.


Contact Us

Rockin Highlands, LLC.

3088 Survey Rd, Dodgeville, WI 53533,

Greg & Reeny Reynolds (608) 341-7577 RockinHighlands@Gmail.com

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