Welcome to RockinHighlands

A home to a fold of happy Scottish Highland cattle and pasture raised chickens

About Us

We are a small farm with the goal of raising cattle and chickens in a friendly interactive environment that allows them to enjoy life on green pastures in the great outdoors.

We have tremendous appreciation from what we have learned from Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.

Just as it is exciting to plant a garden and know that the produce is nutritious and wholesome, it is exiting to know where your eggs and meat come from.

Grass fed beef and chicken living in comfortable outdoor environments with low stress are part of the great flavor.

Selling from the farm, to you! Chicken is available now, eggs in the fall, and beef as soon as the bulls are ready to finish.

The Highland meat is very lean and healthy, the chickens are rich with natural yellow fat, and the eggs have dark golden yolks  and a wonderful taste.


Contact Us

Currently we have chicken available directly from the farm. Eggs will be available in the fall.

Beef is not available quite yet, we are still building the fold and will be a year or so away from more availability.


3088 Survey Rd, Dodgeville, WI 53533, us

(608) 341-7577

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